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Welcome to Sun Tantra


The essence of Tantra is Unity and Unity is Love.

Our celestial Sun represents this Unity.

Sun healing is limitless in expression, as Light is expansive. 

You can learn to work with this pure frequency in resonance with your unique Self.

The Sun light illuminates our Light body.

SUN TANTRA (Light Unity) works with:

~ our Life elements - Oxygen, Water, Sun Light

the Sun elixirs & foods – the elements of Earth

the Sun within the Mind (The Language of Light)


We are Solar Beings. The Sun Light is encoded in our DNA.

Healing is always given, when we open to RECEIVE.

You are the Sun in your Universe, every Sun is a Star.  

May You shine bright..


(Sun Tantra does not worship the Sun, but works with its healing energy which emanates to us as a gift of our loving Creator).