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master mind

Your Body as a Solar Temple

The Human body is a network of communication.

It is designed to flow energy. For example your digestive system is an amazing path of this flow.

Your solar plexus is the middle power house, connecting the human and the divine. The way you treat food says a lot about your Life.

Just by looking at your eating habits, one can tell what kind of Being you are.

Our mouth is a gateway to Life or death. The mouth does not lie. The way we speak & the way we eat, has power to design our future.

Each healthy cell radiates Light. We are giving out a shine. What has power to dim our energetic radiance is the belief system in the Mind.

The brain (Spirit) is the Master commander, influencing the entire energy network, it is the Light house within.

If the Light house does not shine, there is no direction in Life and one gets confused, like a ship on the stormy sea.

Our belief system is very important to be looked at closely, if one wants whole prosperity, healing, peace and true Love.

You are the alive temple of the Sun.

Your brain is a miracle itself, mostly made of water, looking like a flower with a stem in your spine (the spinal cord)..

Therefore your Mind is your whole body.

Relaxed Mind heals the body and opens the Heart. The peaceful brain literally blossoms and this way is able to take more Sun Light in, increasing the Light flow within our delicate energy design. Therefore the best meditation to be practiced daily is the one of Relaxation and Ease. By relaxing, your thinking will actually improve  - you will get less thoughts, but better quality. Less is more!

To be relaxed one needs to learn to Trust. Trusting the goodness of Life, the order of Love. The core Trust is, that if I am hurt (and we all get hurt) - Love always heals me (if I stay open without closing my Heart).

This "Heart Core" Trust manifests Miracles and rewires our mind  to be able to perceive Miracles we did not seen before..

(what miracles are you not seeing ?)

When you feel good (God – Light)  you are on the the right brain wave..

Peace is very delightful in nature. To some it may seem boring (I used to be one of those people), but Peace is actually deeply rich. This healing frequency transforms us into a new world of divine Peace right here right now. Here comes our power to embody our future as Now, transcending the suffering of the old paradigm and the false programing of helplessness. 

Feeling good is letting the Light shine. Without doing anything you are shining right Now.. Your cells, your Master mind, shining like the Sun.

Enjoy the moment..

relax into DeLight of Light